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APMI LogoAmarillo Investors Mortgage and Amarillo Property Management, Inc. are involved in the purchase, management, leasing and selling of single-family residential properties in Amarillo, Texas. They have developed a successful land/home parcel offer with owner financing in their  Manufactured Home Community, in two manufactured home subdivisions in the northeast and southeast areas of Amarillo, and conventional built homes that allow home buyers to qualify easily and buy a house for close to what they would spend in rent. On a large number of these properties, owner financing is provided to the purchaser through private investors and financial institutions.

Amarillo Property Management has over thirty years experience investing in single-family residential properties. In the late sixties, Glen Holgrafer began investing in single-family residential properties in San Diego, California. In the mid-seventies, he became a licensed Real Estate Broker for the state of California. Currently he is a licensed Real Estate Broker and a licensed Manufactured Home Dealer in the state of Texas.